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Aside from this factor, it also has great editing tools and great effects that you can use to make your slideshow interesting. Its photo organization helpers allow you to share your pictures or slideshows on Facebook and other social media forums. This all-in-one tool enables you to simply drag and drop your photos and videos to the program and create slideshow. You can add background music to make the slideshow attractive. See more benefits with this Mac slideshow creator.

The HyperEngine-Av which was previously a Montage is a great multimedia editor which allows you to combine seamless photos, videos, texts and sounds to come up with great slideshows of family movies or even business presentations easily and quickly. You can later arrange this in your workshop to slideshows or movies.

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This software is preinstalled on Macs but which can also be downloaded online. It comes with several themes, new titles, video stabilization features that you can use to create slideshows. Whether you are using an upgraded version or not; iMovie comes with simple features which make the video editing process fun, satisfying and relatively easy not to mention stress free. You do not need any prior experience to fully use this software.

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This is a built-in software that comes pre-bundled with your Mac. It lets you create video slideshows and picture slideshows using your digital media contents. It even offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It is an open-source tool for Mac OS X which can be used to make a slideshow program with image files. Originally inspired by a specialized tool JPEGView , this effective slideshow generator comes with various useful customization options.

Thus, you'll eventually create a high-resolution video or live presentation in a snap. Considering all these features, FotoMagico 5 is a nice choice when it comes to choosing free slideshow maker. You can easily transform your photos into a live slideshow video with a maximum of 50 photos. You can also choose from one of five exciting styles, starting from Scrapbook-style slideshows to music-video slideshows trailer type. It is a convenient, easy-to-use, and straightforward app that allows you to create slideshows. It also comes with the advanced face recognition technology.

Finally, you can save your slideshow on your iPhone or share it on Facebook. Step 1. Download and install Slideshow Maker for Mac, run this program, and you'll see its interface as below.

How to Create a Photo & Video Slideshow with iMovie for Mac

Choose "New Project" and enter the video editing panel. Step 2. Let go of your mouse button and after a few seconds the onscreen controls disappear. To do it, fire up Photos on your iOS device, tap Albums at the bottom of the screen, and then tap an album to open it. Your next move depends on which device you have. Tap the word Slideshow at upper right and the show starts playing. The Options button at lower right summons a pane that lets you control theme, music, whether the show repeats loops , and how long each slide stays onscreen.

How to Create Photo Slideshow on Mac with iMovie

On an iPad, a Slideshow button appears at upper right whenever you open an album top. Once the show starts, you can customize it using the Options menu bottom. It works slightly differently. Tap an album to open it and then tap Select at upper right. Next, tap or drag your finger across thumbnails to select some photos or tap Select All at upper left.

Hold your device in portrait position in lieu of landscape and then tap the Share icon at the lower left. In the row of icons that appears at the bottom of your screen, swipe left to scroll horizontally, and then tap the Slideshow icon. Once the show starts to play, tap your screen and you get the AirPort and Options buttons described earlier.

Starting from upper left, these screenshots show the steps for triggering an instant slideshow on an iPhone or iPod touch. Want to get rid of a photo or video? Simply click on it with two fingers and select Delete. I absolutely recommend you to edit your photos and videos according to your usual editing workflow before starting the video editing process. At the video editing stage, you can still fine-tune your photos and videos with some extra editing options available on the Viewer pane. You can use the magic wand on top left to automatically improve the quality of your photo.

The other options let you work on the color balance, do some color correction, crop your photos, and add filters. You can reset all adjustments you have made and return to the original version at any time if you like. Adjust your photos and videos with the top menu in the Viewer pane. You will see four more options appear when you play a video clip in the viewer. You can also correct and enhance audio, which I advise you to do once you start working with the music and audio settings in the next steps. And last but not least, you can slow down or speed up your video clip.

When playing a video, more options will appear in the top menu. You might want to trim some of the footage that you find to be longer than desired.

Create a Slideshow with Photos app in Mac

You can do this from the Browser pane or the Project pane. You can trim your video clip in the Browser pane by clicking on it and adjusting the desired length from the beginning and the end by moving the yellow frame from both sides.

Play an instant slideshow

Then drag and drop the trimmed video into its place in the timeline in the Project pane. The original will remain in the Browser pane.

You can trim another part to reuse again if you like. Alternatively, you can trim the video on the project timeline itself by clicking on the video and adjusting the white frame from both sides to the desired length see below. You can trim your video directly from the project timeline! On the project timeline, you can also split a video clip into two different clips by moving the Playhead white line with the arrow with your cursor to the point where you want to split, clicking with two fingers, and selecting Split Clip see below.

You probably know this effect from watching other slideshows already, but you might not know that the technique is named after a filmmaker who used it extensively in his documentaries. This panning and zooming effect can also be applied to video clips to add some further motion, especially to footage which is rather stable and focused on a single scene.

You can select multiple photos and videos if you want to apply this effect to them all at once. Then, go for the Cropping option at the top of your Viewer pane and select Ken Burns. Adjust these two frames in the way you want to see the effect start and end. Play your clip to see how it looks and adjust as needed. You can always reset all your adjustments if you need to do so. Using the Ken Burns effect can add interest to an otherwise stale image.

You might want to use title slides and text to mark the beginning and end of your slideshow, or to divide your story into chapters. Choosing some words and quotes that mean something to the audience can bring an extra emotional dimension to your slideshow. You can insert the text and adjust typography settings simply by double clicking on the slide from the Project timeline.

Then you can write your text directly in the Viewer pane when the Title T button is selected. Click on the Info i button to adjust the duration of your slide. Most of the time, I like using graphics and photos with some catchy and relevant text rather than basic title slides. Transitions are one of the main features that will help you create a professional-looking slideshow. On the top menu of the Browser pane, click on Transitions to preview the available transition options and select only one or two. If you want to create a simple, elegant, and professional-looking slideshow, the following transitions will be your friend: Cross dissolve , Cross blur , Fade to black , and Fade to white.

Once you decide on a transition, you can easily drag and drop it between any two clips in your project timeline.